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Employing a Nanny or Housekeeper

PC Payroll can help with nanny payroll, housekeeper payroll; help with workplace pensions and
creating a nanny contract.

Small Business Payroll Services

PC Payroll can help with your small business payroll or with your self-employed payroll.

Help With Workplace Pensions

PC Payroll can help with workplace pensions for your employees.


PC Payroll can create a bespoke employment contract for you when you are employing staff for your
home or small business.

Find out how Parental Choice is making a difference for working parents.  See how we can help your company make a difference.

PC Childcare are experts at creating bespoke childcare solutions for working families to help parents continue with their careers.  Find out how we can help you.

About Parental Choice

Parental Choice was established in 2011.  We provide childcare searches for working families, recruitment for nannies and other household staff alongside a comprehensive payroll, pension and employment legal services.

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