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Our employment law specialists at PC Payroll & Legal provide HR solutions, support, and advice to your business, whatever your requirements.

The team are qualified, employment law experts meaning your business will receive tailored HR services and advice, based on the latest developments in employment law alongside gaining access to the team’s extensive experience shared between them.

Our Services

PC Payroll & Legal can offer a consistent and regular HR support services to your business or a flexible ad-hoc arrangement.

Employment/HR disputes can be overwhelming for employers and sometimes it is helpful and necessary to gain additional support to provide guidance and assurance that the matter is being handled correctly. PC Payroll can provide you with the HR support services needed at a reasonable cost.

Contracts of Employment

It is best business practice to have a solid employment contract for your employees to protect both parties rights and to ensure the fundamental principles of the business are being met via its employees. It is a legal requirement that employees must be provided with at least a statement of particulars of their employment within two months of starting employment. We provide expert HR services by creating tailor-made legally compliant employment contracts to suit the needs of your business.

Redundancies and organisation restructures

Managing a redundancy situation is a very stressful time for any business and the law requires redundancy to be genuine and fair. In order to be fully legally compliant, the employer needs to ensure that they follow the legislative process carefully which can be challenging and overwhelming. We provide HR support services from employment law experts to advise employers every step of the way. Our HR solutions helps minimise the risk of litigation between the employer and employee.

HR Support and advice

Our team of employment experts are on hand to provide HR services to assist with any employment issues your business is facing. Employee relations can be complex and sometimes it is necessary to take an external approach to dealing with issues or to gain a second opinion to take the stress out of wondering if you are being fully legally compliant. There is no issue to big or small for PC Payroll, our experts are able to provide commercially sensible and legally compliant HR support to your business on an ad-hoc or retainer basis.

Company handbook and policies

It is important for a business to ensure that they have a company handbook with up-to-date policies which can be updated on an as and when needed basis and tailor-made to the organisation. As part of our HR services, PC Payroll can provide a whole new, bespoke company handbook or we can review your existing one and make sure it is legally compliant and up to date. An example of the types of policies your company should be including within the handbook are:

  • Grievance and disciplinary policy
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Sickness absence policy
  • Bribery policy
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption leave policies
  • Parental leave policy
  • Compassionate leave policy
  • Flexible working policy

Whilst there are certain policies such as the grievance and disciplinary policy which should always be included in a handbook, this is not an exhaustive list and what policies are relevant will depend on the industry of the organisation along with other factors such as culture of the business, what the business can afford and wants to offer and any new legislative requirements.

It is important to ensure that your handbook is up to date and legal compliant. If you need HR support and are interested in having your company handbook a health check please contact us.

Document Review

The law is a constantly changing and evolving animal and both large- and small-scale legal changes relevant to your business can easily be missed or overlooked. PC Payroll can provide document review services to ensure you are fully legally compliant, an example of the types of documents we can assist with are:
  • Employee contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • HR templates
  • Policies

*(not an exhaustive list)

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More Services

Payroll Bureau Services

PC Payroll & Legal can run payroll for your business, whether you are a sole trader or small to medium-sized business. We can help if you are looking to out-source your payroll function for the first time or want to change payroll bureaus.

Help with workplace pensions

Employees who are eligible for a work place pension must be enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme or given the opportunity to opt out should they wish. Our payroll team offer a pension administration service alongside its comprehensive payroll services.

Need more help?

Contact us about your payroll or legal needs

We have a comprehensive range of payroll, pension and legal services to help you save time. Speak to our highly experienced and friendly team to get started.

Need more help?

Contact us about your payroll or legal needs

We have a comprehensive range of payroll, pension and legal services to help you save time. Speak to our highly experienced and friendly team to get started.

About PC Payroll & Legal

PC Payroll & Legal was established in 2011. We help families stay legal and save time with our nanny payroll, pension and legal services. We help small business owners and the self-employed focus on running their businesses by offering outsourced payroll, workplace pension administration, business administration, HR advice and legal services. 

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