Employment Contract FAQs

Parental Choice draft bespoke employment contracts for its clients with employees in their business or domestic staff in their home. Below are a number of common questions that we get asked regularly.

Do I treat part-time and full-time employees differently?

No, all employees are treated equally.

What information do I need to include about the salary I’ll be paying my employee?

When you have agreed a salary you will need to specify if this is gross or net salary; whether it is hourly, daily, weekly or monthly; whether it is paid in advance or arrears.

We strongly recommend you negotiate a gross salary, rather than a net salary as should a tax code change for any reason it will mean that you as the employer, will have to bear any additional costs incurred as the gross amount would, therefore, need to increase to keep the net the same.

For more information see here.

Is the contract legally binding?

Yes. When you employ an employee you become an employer and both you and your employee are obliged to keep to the terms of employment as described in it. These terms can, of course, be changed at any time by mutual agreement.

How do I calculate my employee’s holiday entitlement?

All employees in the UK are entitled by law to 5.6 weeks (28 days) holiday per annum or pro rate if they are working less than five days. For more information see here.

Do I need to comply with Working Time Directive?

Yes.  Unless both parties mutually agree to opt out.

What is a standard period of notice for employees?

Your employee must give at least a week’s notice if they have been in your employment for more than one month. The contract should state whether they to need to give notice in writing - otherwise, they can do it verbally.

For more information see here.

What about termination, redundancy, maternity leave and sick pay?

All these complex issues will be covered in line with current legislation in a Parental Choice bespoke contract.

Can my nanny/housekeeper be self-employed?

No, in most circumstances they cannot be.  For more information see here.

Bespoke Employee Employment Contracts

Our experienced legal team can provide you with an employment contract tailored to you and your employee based on your own specific requirements capturing all of the points above.

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