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If you are employing a person who will be working with children or other vulnerable person, by law they are required to hold an enhanced DBS certificate.

What is DBS certificate and why does a nanny need one?

The Disclosure and Barring Service was set up in 2012 and now carries out the function that was performed by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

DBS checks are meant to help prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups such as children. If an employer or an organisation, for example, a regulatory body, has concerns that a person has caused harm or poses a future risk of harm to children then they legally must make a referral to the DBS which can result in such a person being barred from working with children.

The DBS searches police records and, in relevant cases, barred list information, and then issues a DBS certificate to the applicant and employer to help them make an informed recruitment decision.

Nanny checks and reference

As an employer or individual is not able to apply for a DBS certificate directly, our DBS service can save you time and money. From just £80 PC Payroll & Legal will process the nanny DBS checks and documents on your behalf and obtain the certificate.

PC Payroll & Legal can run a background check for your new employee. For just £180 PC Payroll & Legal offers a full nanny background checking service, which will check all their qualifications and contact three references verbally with a written record so that you have a complete report on your nanny before she starts.

Standard disclosure

The standard disclosure is primarily for positions involving regular contact with children or vulnerable adults, but can also be used for some other professions of high responsibility (for example, accountancy). Standard Disclosures reveal details of any convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings the applicant has received, regardless of length of time since the incidents; together with details of whether that person is banned from working with children or vulnerable adults (if these details have been requested).

Enhanced disclosure

Enhanced disclosure is for positions involving greater contact with children or vulnerable adults (for example teachers, nurses, midwives, doctors, dentists, social workers, student nurses, student midwives, medical students, dental students, pharmacists, pharmacy students) and for certain additional professions (for example, judicial appointments). In general, the type of work will involve regularly caring for, supervising, training, or being in sole charge of children or vulnerable people.

In addition to the information provided on a Standard Disclosure, the Enhanced Disclosure involves an additional check with the police, who check if any other information is held on file that may be relevant (for instance, investigations that have not led to a criminal record). The police decide what (if any) additional information will be added to the Disclosure. In rare circumstances, the police may write to the employer separately giving confidential information about an ongoing criminal investigation into the applicant. This information may not be released to the applicant and the employer cannot reveal it to them.

Nannies, their Employers and DBS Checks

It is essential for any person working as a Nanny to have a valid Enhanced DBS Check.

As a Nanny producing a DBS certificate for your employer not only shows that you are a professional but that you have no restrictions against working with children.

For employers it gives you a greater peace of mind that you are leaving your child in safe hands. It is in fact against the law for employers to employ someone to work with children if they are on one of the barred lists and therefore as an employer it is essential your Nanny has a valid DBS.

We require all the Nannies registered with Parental Choice to have a valid DBS check dated within the last 12 months or to be registered with the DBS update service. If you as a Nanny or your Nanny does not have a valid DBS we can assist in starting an application today. If a nanny is a member of the updated service (please see below) we will undertake a check with your permission on your DBS status.

DBS Update Service

Whilst there is no official expiry date on a DBS it is recommended that an individual gets a new DBS check completed when starting with a new family as any information included on their DBS will only be accurate at the time of printing the certificate. Any information included will only be accurate at the time of printing the certificate. Since 2013 an update service was introduced meaning it is now possible for DBS checks to be kept up-to-date and checked online without the need for a new check to be undertaken each time (providing it is within the same workforce and the same level of check is required).

The update service costs £13 annually and we encourage all our nannies to register with the update service as it not only saves the hassle of completed DBS application forms but also in the long run saves money! To register for the update service now please follow this link https://www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service

Next time you recruit someone and need to get them DBS checked – why not ask if they are a member of the update service. If they are, with their permission, you can use their current DBS certificate and carry out a free, instant online check to see if any new information has come to light since its issue.

How do you get a DBS check?

Individuals cannot request a DBS check for themselves, the request for a DBS check must come from the organisation recruiting the individual. In relation to nannies, the nanny agency which has recruited them should have carried out an Enhanced DBS check. Please note that DBS certificates will only be sent to individuals and not to organisations and nannies therefore must produce their original certificates to potential employers. In addition registered organisations can track online that the certificate is valid.

How can PC Payroll & Legal help?

PC Payroll & Legal are able to undertake a DBS check for you. We can help nannies seeking to get a new Enhanced DBS check or employers who have employed offered employment to a nanny and need them to apply for an updated Enhanced DBS. Applications are completed online and turnaround times are usually within a couple of weeks but are all dependent on the DBS systems!

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Need more help?

Contact us about your payroll or legal needs

We have a comprehensive range of payroll, pension and legal services to help you save time. Speak to our highly experienced and friendly team to get started.

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