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Many businesses, especially smaller ones, enter into contracts without seeking full legal advice, sometimes resulting in unfavourable consequences on the business which can be costly and stressful. This may be due to a number of factors but in particular, the cost of legal advice outweighing the value of the contract.

Our Services

PC Payroll & Legal offers extensive commercial legal expertise to small and medium-sized businesses at cost effective and competitive prices meaning you can protect your business from unnecessary risk taking and reduce the chances of any adverse consequences.

If there is a problem your business has encountered which is not covered here, please just ask as there is no complete list where our commercial services are concerned. We understand that each business is unique and therefore so are the problems.

Contract reviewing and advising

Many businesses of all shapes and sizes, enter into contracts without seeking proper legal advice. There may be occasions when no harm has come of this but there are those times when the adverse consequences are hugely impactful and can even be destructive to a business. PC Payroll can take the stress out of worrying about the consequences of any contracts your business has agreed to and provide legal advice from the start, whether you require a full review of a contract or advice on the one you have already entered into, we are able to provide the commercial legal service with your business needs.

IR35 rules were brought in by HMRC to tackle what it believes is disguised employment. This occurs when a contractor is a ‘disguised’ employee because they are working through a limited company and gaining tax advantages of doing so when actually they meet all the criteria of being an employee. The benefit to employers in these circumstances is they don’t have to pay National Insurance contributions or give employee benefits.

IR35 is an employment status test for tax which works out whether a contact would be classed as employment or self-employment. From 6 April 2021, all public sector clients and medium or large-sized clients outside the public sector are responsible for deciding your worker’s employment status.

PC Payroll & Legal are now providing an IR35 status review service for anyone wanting a legal opinion as to whether their contract falls within IR35 or not.

Debt Protocol advice and templates

PC Payroll & Legal have a bank of up-to-date legal templates available to your business.

These can be tailored by our experts to suit the needs of your business or you may wish to purchase a simple agreement which can be used repeatedly for circumstances which are appropriate.

Our legal experts are always on hand to assist and provide advice on what is suitable to your business.

Contract drafting

PC Payroll & Legal are experts at drafting bespoke contracts, tailor made to suit the needs of your business. Ensuring your contracts contain the right clauses is fundamental to protecting the needs of your business.

There are many simple template contracts which can be found through a quick search online, however, they come with a huge risk that they will not give your business adequate protection and even the most simple and innocent looking of template contracts can have adverse consequences to a business because they do not contain important clauses relevant to your business or the transaction.

PC Payroll & Legal are able to provide expert contract drafting services based on the most up to date legislation and taking into account all of the needs of your business including, fundamentally, the reason the contract is being entered into.

Bespoke legal templates for repeated use by your business

Unpaid debts owed to your business can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Our legal experts can provide letter templates and advice relating to the protocols applicable in debt recovery management.

Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions are a fundamental part of your business and how you trade with customers. Properly drafted and legally up to date and compliant terms and conditions offer valuable legal protection to your business. PC Payroll’s legal experts can draft tailor made terms and conditions suited to the needs of your business in language which reflects the values of your business and is clear to the consumer.

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More Services

Payroll Bureau Services

PC Payroll & Legal can run payroll for your business, whether you are a sole trader or small to medium-sized business. We can help if you are looking to out-source your payroll function for the first time or want to change payroll bureaus.

Help with workplace pensions

Employees who are eligible for a work place pension must be enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme or given the opportunity to opt out should they wish. Our payroll team offer a pension administration service alongside its comprehensive payroll services.
Need more help?

Contact us about your payroll or legal needs

We have a comprehensive range of payroll, pension and legal services to help you save time. Speak to our highly experienced and friendly team to get started.

Need more help?

Contact us about your payroll or legal needs

We have a comprehensive range of payroll, pension and legal services to help you save time. Speak to our highly experienced and friendly team to get started.

About PC Payroll & Legal

PC Payroll & Legal was established in 2011. We help families stay legal and save time with our nanny payroll, pension and legal services. We help small business owners and the self-employed focus on running their businesses by offering outsourced payroll, workplace pension administration, business administration, HR advice and legal services. 

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